Mark Saey | Civiclab

Phase 2. Analysis

The second phase would start in the doing part. Now the group was organized and the problem clear, we set up with all involved a festively Starthappening on the other campus of our school in Oudenaarde, to officially and in front of the camera start and go over the plan for TRP.

2.1. Asylum policy

For this happening we invited the author Sam Mampaey, co-worker of the vzwde8 that works with refugees, to give the students a first sketch of the subject, have them think about some classic prejudices about refugees and introduce them to the Belgian asylum policy. This was to help the students find some immediate causes of the problem we discussed earlier.

The data and numbers Sam used could serve as material for a few Math classes on statistics, to show the students how math can help find an objective overview of a social problem and help determine its causes. Here we publish Sam’s powerpoint presentation and a summarizing excerpt of the documentary.

We also invited Claire De Potter of the local art hobby centre to introduce some ideas for the art project. The “Artists” would spend several afternoons transmitting their newly learned content and evolving impressions and emotions into both a logo art work and a piece to send in for the National Art Competition of School Without Racism: “The Wall in Our Hearts – Fortress Europe”.

Workshop - Mark Saey | Civiclab

After these first weeks of the Analysis it was about time to ask the students some questions about their understanding and expectations of their trajectory. This became the Socratic conversation at the local Freethinkers Centre in castle Liedts.