Studiedag wereldburgers

WELT school – extended school for world-citizens

The CivicLab Study Day for schools wanting to implement the LWZ model to:

  • Improve school policy and educational organization
  • Decrease demotivation
  • Strengthen the transfer of general knowledge
  • Stimulate citizenship values and attitude
  • Work on the transversal end-terms with a single educational practice
  • Improve teamwork and pedagogical school based research

The study day has two parts (2 hours each + a break)

  • Lecture Learning trajectories for world-citizenship to address real needs
  • Applying the model Learning to work with the didactical scheme

Schools wanting to implement the LWZ can also order permanent support and advice by CivicLab.

Schools organizing 3 LWZ / year for at least 3 years can receive the label TRANSITSCHOOLbroad school for world-citizens

To obtain the services please use the CivicLab CONTACT form.