Reorienting School Without Racism

Asked to advise SWR in its attempt to modernise its model, we implemented the implications of new developments in education (transversal goals and recent didactical trends) into the workings and services of the organization. The success of Never Again and The Refugees Project in particular would announce a new phase in the history of the oldest and most experienced educational organizations of the country:

2010 – world-citizenship in a globalised world

The SWR model is never finished. Our society constantly demands new skills from our youth, e.g. skills to handle the new media and information technologies. Education continually evolves and new (transversal) end-terms make their entry. Group works and learning trajectories become more and more important in classes. SWR and ESR therefore are working on “world-citizen trajectories”: a modern didactic for education for democratic citizenship. The Refugees Project, with pupils of Oudenaarde, is in that regard a pilot project (…)”