Lecture – Elcker-Ik

Wednesday February 13th 2019, Breughelstraat 31-33 Antwerp.

For the Elcker-Ik project Talking & Acting Urbanity.                                                                          

You can enlist here, 5 euro entry.

World Education Learning for Tomorrow – WELT

Lector World Citizenship (AP college Antwerp) Mark Saey developed an integral program for citizenship education that transforms schools into extended schools for world citizens – schools that become a motor for strengthening local democracy and re-politicizing civil society along the new social fractures. The city education system of Antwerp engaged him to help implement this program in its secondary schools. That way in the city a spatial network can be set up that brings together different groups and generations for the necessary rethinking and rebuilding of society. He will illustrate how new synergies can be made with the pilot project “Youth City Hall”.

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