Jongeren worden wereldburgers - Mark Saey | Civiclab

Extract 1. from young people are citizens of the world

Prelude § 3.

"In the beginning I had the impression that we started a small project with which we would do some interviews. Soon it turned out that my presumption was wrong. " Just like Paco were most pupils amazed by what they all had undertaken over the last few months. It was early april and we looked at all looking back again to the route that we had made.

That walked through the door of the classroom and branched beyond the school gate to all sides of Flanders. It brought us to refugees and led us inside in the shelters of people without papers, and then through all kinds of detours to return to class for lessons, research, consultation, tests and exams. It ran about railways to demonstrations and promotions, Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent, and found its way to a hunger strike, an academic conference, minorities centres and associations who stand up for human rights. Everywhere we came, during the week, weekends and holidays, we asked for more attention to be paid to the problem of undocumented migrants, and we laid out what we understand under wereldburgerzin learning pathways.

We recorded back on the exhibitions and the info evening that we organized, the discussions and speaking engagements in the classroom, the interviews, the World Social Forum, the art project, the start happening and the movies we watched. With some pride the newspapers and magazines we laid side by side in which we knew the problem, after which we looked at the first television report that AVS about us process made for his news broadcast on new year's Eve.

On the agenda, then the day of the refugee. ' We will debate with politicians and the circle of the noise so much for each other? " Back we would send invitations, banners and posters, a press campaign launch, look up views and establish contacts. "One minus point, it may not be too demanding" found Lieselotte. But we were with many and had already taken quite a lot of obstacles. We got this for each other than we could hope for is a generalization of wereldburgerzin learning pathways in secondary education. The camera crew of wound, which closely followed a us school years, would also capture on film this last stage ...


The Refugees Project