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Talk – Netwerkdag word wereldburger

Netwerkdag Word Wereldburger

Article – Education and society. Towards a new paradigm in (world-)citizenship education.

Critique of the current Flemish debate on citizenship in school

Flemish education scores poorly on the development of civic knowledge and values. Although government and the educational institutions recognize this, there still is no practical solution in place that integrates all school-factors influencing pupils’ democratic attitude. This can however be remedied by implementing trans-curricular learning trajectories for world-citizenship or WELT projects in every secondary school. In what can also be called the construction of a context for the use of general or civic knowledge, other educational problems can also find a solution free of the doubtful and overrated changes other proposals imply. This article provides an overview of the state of Flemish pupils’ civic knowledge, democratic values and attitudes, shows why the intended proposals are doubtful and overrated, and explains in short what the proposed construction of a context for the use of civic knowledge looks like. In this article we summarize the main findings, insights and integral model for citizenship education, expounded in Saey, M., 2014: Jongeren worden wereldburgers, Ghent: Academia Press.

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