Mark Saey- Actief Burgerschap, meer dan een vak

Articles & public speeches 2017

Talk – Introduction WELT in education for special kids (secondary education).

Buitengewoon Secundair Onderwijs te Brussel At the invitation of Kleur Bekennen. Cardijnschool Brussels. 24/01/2017

Interview – Reform education and involve kids in society.

Mark Saey makes a plea for world-citizenship: ‘Reform education and involve kids in society’. 20/04/2017 by Bjorn Gens.

A citizenship’s declaration or voting at 16? These are but two proposals to make of youth political citizens again. Philosopher and author Mark Saey doesn’t agree: ‘We need to change things in education’.

You can read the full interview here on this website.

Talk – Citizenship-education in youth-work and schools: the extended school for world-citizens?

jeugdwerk en onderwijs “Mark Saey, CivicLab, stresses that more political education in schools is urgently needed. He proposes the concept of YouthCityHalls as the best way to achieve this. Since this forms the frame for the school(s), city services, citizens and civil society organizations, to on the one hand build a context for the use of general learning and on the other hand find a platform for more conviviality, solidarity and transition in the neighbourhood.

This idea we will take as our first theme for our network, organized within the project “Living together in diversity”. This aims to bring together welfare, education and youth-work with their different perspectives on youth and their context. To build a learning network for experts from these different fields in the Brussels area.”

GO! Commission Learning Line Active Citizenship

Commissie Leerlijn Actief Burgerschap - Civiclab

In 2017 the GO! School-system of the Flemish Community formed a Commission that would develop the learning line for “Active Citizenship”, a new course on citizenship built around critical thinking, value-development and a sustainable society, that will form the platform in schools for a school-wide approach to citizenship education. After a test year in a couple of schools, the course will be introduced and promoted as an optional course to all GO! secondary schools in 2018-2019. WELT was adopted as one of the approaches to realize the school-wide approach.

A CivicLab opinion piece on this new course – to correct perception in the media – was published on 1/09/2017. You can read it here on this website.

Lecture – The Future of World-citzenship Education in Flanders

Civiclab - kleurbekennenInitiating the Innovationlab Support for trajectories in schools of the Centre for WCE, Brussels, 28/09/2017

Mark Saey trajectories for world-citizenship

“In Part One Mark Saey, author and esteemed member of our Centre, will give his view on why WCE is so important for education today and how the future of this type of education will be determined by the development of transcurricular projects for civic education in schools. His ideas will be further developend in our new Innovationlab Support for trajectories in schools.”