Articles & Agenda 2018

Lecture – From remembrance education to world-citizenship education

Lecture on 30/01/2018 on the day for teachers “How to deal with controversy”, Educational System of the City of Antwerp and the Holocaust museum, Mechelen.

Civiclab - interlevensbeschouwelijk Lecture – Youth City Hall. Towards a solution for the problem of scale of citizenship education in Flanders

Lecture on the study-days for ethics teachers, in 9 cities. 02/2018 – 05/2018. One can read the integral text of the lecture here on this website.

Article – Beyond the Wilhelmus

Introduction of WELT in The Netherlands – in a review of the pamphlet Beyond the Wilhelmus, on developing citizenship in education, by Bram Eidhof. Published on the (Dutch) website of Didactief, independent magazine for specialists in education. 5/04/2018. The more extensive original text can be read here on this website.

Lecture – Citizenship education in Flanders

Lecture at the first inspiration-evening of AP college on inclusion en citizenship in schools, we presented a state of affairs of citizenship education in Flanders: positive developments, remaining shortcomings and possible solutions. And we introduced the innovations in (world)citizenship education that will make AP a future hub for world citizenship expertise.