CivicLab - Mark Saey

CivicLab develops projects and strategies for (world)citizenship. For schools, civil society and cities.

CivicLab is the personal website of Mark Saey. Philosopher, author of Wereld-systeem analyse. Een antwoord op 1968 (World-systems analysis. An Answer to 1968) and Jongeren worden wereldburgers (Youth become world-citizens). He was a member of the Research Group World-System Analysis at Ghent University and Blokwatch editor in charge of the Citizen Initiatives against neo-fascism. He has been a Philosophy and Ethics teacher in secondary education for 20 years, a member of the Board of School Without Racism and a member of the Committees Active Citizenship and Inter-Worldview Dialogue of the Flemish public education system GO! At present he’s a researcher and lecturer at AP University College Antwerp. There he teaches World-Citizenship, Inter-religious dialogue, Philosophy and Politics, in the teacher training programs. In 2018-2020 he also worked part-time for the Team Active Citizenship of the city education system of Antwerp, where his WELT pedagogy is applied in secondary schools. He is the coordinator of the WELT Center and the Citizenship Olympiad for secondary education in Flanders. He directed the acclaimed educational documentaries The Refugees Project (2008) and Youth City Hall (2021). Currently he coordinates the Learning Plan Commissions for the subject Non-confessional Ethics in secondary education, and advises the Sira new learning materials project for the subject Islamic Religion in secondary education.