YouthCityHall - WELT movie by Mark Saey

Articles & Agenda 2021

Manual Transversal project work in secondary education

WELT - de Handleiding vakdoorbrekend projectwerk in het secundair onderwijs Together with Jeroen Lauwers, the Active Citizenship manager of the Antwerp Municipal Education, we wrote the Manual Transversal project work in secondary education. Working transversally on active citizenship. The manual gives a number of reasons why cross-curricular work on citizenship (and a large number of transversal attainment targets) is a much better option than ‘confining these attainment targets in subjects’ to improve education. We also discuss the organisation, evaluation, remediation and reporting of project work. And we give a brief explanation of how WELT can be used within any approach of transversal work on citizenship. But the most important part is without a doubt the 18 concepts for WELT projects (6 per degree). A selection from the offer: ‘Traffic and air quality’, ‘Mars meets Venus, gender equality at school’, ‘A world(school) of difference’, ‘The school garden’, ‘Conspiracy theories’, ‘Poor & Rich’, ‘In the Footsteps of Malcolm X’, ‘Commons and Citizens’ Initiatives’. Schools can also submit an application to the WELT Designlab of AP Hogeschool for the preparation of these and other projects up to the level of lesson preparation. You can download the manual for free here.

Youth City Hall – WELT movie

WELT_Transversaal werken aan actief burgerschap - movie by Mark Saey A year of preparation, a year of recording, a year of editing and post production. The educational WELT movie Youth City Hall is ready. The film lasts 35 minutes, is subtitled in English, and illustrates the WELT method by means of the project Ecomodernism or System Change?

The project was carried out by the final year students and their teachers from the Antwerp Lyceum Waterbaan, with the help of Extinction Rebellion, De Peperfabriek, De Wereldburger Academie, Youth For Climate, Superdruk, Who’s afraid of Red, Yellow & Blue. The film was made possible by Stedelijk Education Antwerp, Kruit, AP Hogeschool, CivicLab, King Baudouin Foundation and deMensnu – IMD Antwerp. The film is a production of MaakiProduction. A study day with the film at school can be requested here.

Professionalization – WELT trajectory

AP Hogeschool een WELT professionaliseringstraject - docent Mark Saey In the months of February – May 2022, AP Hogeschool organizes a WELT professionalization program. For teachers and members of pedagogical services in secondary education.

The first part outlines the importance and the state of affairs of citizenship in Flanders. In a second part, WELT is introduced by means of the educational film Youth City Hall and the Manual Transversal project work in secondary education. In the third part, the technical know-how is imparted and the participants practice preparing WELT projects in interdisciplinary groups. A final part zooms in on coaching student teams in a WELT Designlab or a WELT teacher team at school. The brochure can be downloaded for free here. More info and registration via this link.

WELT – en de rol van aardrijkskunde

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